Why Top Interior Designers in India are Talking of Lighting in Home Interiors

The architectural lighting industry is transforming how modern homes look. Good lighting is an important element in home interior design. It transforms a space, creates a welcoming environment, recreates unique sensations, and influences the well-being of its residents. Today top interior designers in India are working closely with lighting designers to join lighting aesthetics with functionality to create beautiful home designs.

When planning the interiors of a home, the lighting layout must be worked on from the very start of the project. From generic to specific, choosing the right lights for a home depends on the creative concept of every room and the usage of space. Based on the homeowners’ requirement home lighting is layered with three basic types of lighting to illuminate the interiors and exteriors of a residence. They are called ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Each of them fulfills specific needs. 

1. What is ambient lighting

Ambient lighting or general lighting provides overall illumination and diffused glow to a room. It is the first layer of lighting that sets the tone of the space with a uniform lighting level. Ambient lighting is created to make everything in the room visible. It is architecturally integrated lighting using ceiling-mounted fixtures, wall-mounted fixtures, chandeliers, uplights, track lights, recessed lights, and pot lights. Sometimes floor lamps and table lamps may also be used to provide ambient indoor lighting. 

Ambient lighting is also used for outdoor areas like a villa walkway leading up to the main door, common lobby area, staircase, or exterior of the building. Spotlights, wall lights, canopy lights and hanging fixtures are some of the types of light fixtures that provide ambient outdoor lighting.

2. What is task lighting

Task lighting is a more specific, localized and concentrated light serving a purpose As it is a smaller or finer light it is often termed as office lighting. Task lighting illuminates the tasks a person carries out in a given space focusing on areas like a reading nook, a computer desk, a cooking platform, a dressing area, a bathroom vanity, etc. It is used as a contrasting light and is mostly adjustable to get brighter or darker. While installing the right type of task lighting one has to consider the type of activity and sometimes also the age of the residents because as a person gets older, they require more light with less glare. So, the optimum task lighting is between 269 to 1076 lumens, or 40 to 100 watts at a workspace.

Task lighting can include light sources like recessed fixtures or track lighting, pendant lighting, desk or task lamps, LED bulbs, tape and extrusion, etc.

3. What is accent lighting

Accent lighting is another type of concentrated lighting with the intention to focus on a specific feature and a point of interest or to draw the eye to a focal point to achieve a desired effect. 

Used in luxury home décor, its main purpose is to add drama to a specific area. For example, to illuminate paintings or artifacts, to draw attention to an antique piece of furniture, to highlight display shelves and wall texture, etc. It builds upon ambient lighting to add a layer or dimension of light that is three times more as compared to the ambient lighting in the rest of the room. The types of fixtures mostly used to provide accent lighting include track lights, LED strip lights, scones, directional recessed fixtures or downlights, and other wall-mounted fixtures,

Similarly, outdoor accent lighting can comprise floodlights that are used to highlight the architecture of your home or garden area. 

Today, as more and more homeowners are turning to top interior designers in India to design their apartments, penthouses and villas, a discussion on lighting has become an integral part of finalizing the luxury home decor. Based on clients’ requirements and the natural source of light available in the home, an interior designer will recommend artificial lighting. So, which type of light is best for bedroom, the zones to be created in a living room, or spots to be highlighted are discussed right at the beginning of preparing a lighting plan. Interior designers bring to the table expert knowledge on types of lights, the best lighting ideas for every room, lighting trends 2023, and so forth. They combine aesthetics, functionality and efficiency to create a successful balance of light in home interiors and exteriors. So, time to browse for an interior designer near me to get the chandeliers, pendants, and floor lamps to light-up your life!


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